Stewardship literally means the management of property. To be a steward is to be responsible for maintaining and caring for resources that belong to another. God calls us to be stewards, managers of all that we have received. This means that we must manage our environment, our time, and our money.

As part of the Body of Christ, each of us are called to be active stewards of our resources. Here at Community Lutheran Church this is lived out in a number of ways.

  • First we manage our time. It is important to give a dedicated percentage of our time in service of others. This is seen in volunteer work such as collecting food for the homeless or giving of our time to the ministries of Community Lutheran Church through participation on a committee or church board.
  • Second, we use the talent given to us by God as a means of helping the community.
    When offering our talentsin cooperation with others, the blessings are numerous and overflowing.
  • Last, we dedicate a portion, a percentage of our earnings. These earnings represent our labor and by giving a percentage of our income, we are displaying an attitude of thanksgiving. We give as we have received. We are excited to be able to offer an additional way to give to CLC by creating a Vanco/Simply Giving account. Please click to get started.

What many often overlook is that by dedicating a percentage of our time, talent, and treasure, the focus of our lives moves away from ourselves, indulging our desires, and instead to living a rich life in response to all that God has given. We manage our lives. As we manage well we find there are plenty of resources for all. The offering we give is a sign of our obedience to God and our obedience to manage our lives and be the trusted caretakers of all God has given.

2019 Estimate of Giving Card

2019 Time and Talents Form