ELCA Day of Service

Please set aside Sunday September 8th, 2019 for our ELCA Day of Service.  This year our work will be focused on supporting our men and women in the military. 

The first effort will be to prepare and distribute ‘Welcome Home’ bags for single Marines returning to Camp Pendleton from deployment.  These young men and women live on base in enlisted housing and generally have no family near.  The bags may contain snacks, Gatorade or powdered drink mix, thank you notes, wash cloths, etc.   Anything that will make them feel comfortable after being overseas for 6 months or more (for a full list of suggested items see below)

The second effort will be in the support of military chaplains.  A generation ago our predecessor Lutheran church bodies had more than 650 Federal Chaplains.  Today we have 152 ELCA chaplains ministering to more than 1.3 million service women and men in uniform, 826,000 reservists and National Guard.  Federal Chaplains may also minister to the D.O.D., the VA Medical facilities, and the 18 million civilians in Federal prisons. 

To make a donation to the fund for ELCA Federal Chaplaincy Scholarships click the "Give Online" button below


Suggested Items to donate for "Welcome Home" Bags

Food and Drink Items

  • Granola bars
  • Chewing gum
  • Individually wrapped packages of peanut butter sandwich
  • crackers or cheddar cheese sandwich crackers
  • Individually bagged cookies like Oreos or Chips
  • Individual bags of nuts or trail mix
  • Individual bags of beef jerky or Slim Jims
  • Individual packets of Crystal Light or Gatorade to be mixed in a water bottle

Toiletry Items

  • Disposable razors
  • Deodorant
  • Soap
  • Travel sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner
  • Small package of sunscreen
  • Lip balm

Bedding and Towels

  • New Fleece Blankets
  • New Pillows with a New Pillowcase
  • New Towels
  • New Wash Cloths


  • Thank You Notes
  • Boxed Cards



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