Quilting for LWR

Quilting is an on-going group that makes utilitarian quilts for Lutheran World Relief. These quilts are distributed by LWR to refugees throughout the world as needed. They provide much needed warmth, comfort, and sometimes shade from the hot sun.

We work on the 4th Monday of each month from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. You may drop in at any time during those hours and stay as longs as you wish. We have a quilting marathon scheduled for July each year. Volunteers (no sewing skills needed) and supplies are always needed. You can also sew quilt tops at home.

Quilting Marathon for Lutheran World Relief

Monday, July 8th- Friday, July 12th

10am-8pm In the Preschool Blue Room


We're getting our PHDs completed 
(Projects Half Done) 

Come for an hour or an afternoon, evening or morning. Help us to tie quilts we have prepared for Lutheran World Relief.
NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. You know our theme - "If you can tie a knot....you can tie a quilt!" 

For more information: 
Kathy Anderson 979.776.9074 
Christy Riley  949.589.8763

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