Milestones Ministry

What is Milestones Ministry?

A milestone is an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation from high school or college, transitions like getting a driver’s license for the first time, are all examples of times of significant change in our lives.  But how many of the events listed are used as opportunities to help empower and equip children, youth, and adults with the ability to grow in their faith?

Milestones Ministry

  • Takes a significant life event
  • Provides an opportunity to grow in faith
  • Equips the family
  • Celebrates with the whole family of God



Our life of faith begins in Holy Baptism. God initiates a relationship with us, calls us his beloved children, and through the promise of his Word proclaimed in Holy Baptism, brings us forgiveness, life, and salvation. Through Holy Baptism, we become a part of the Christian community.

The beautiful thing about Baptism is that it can take place at any time in your life! If you are a youth or an adult and haven’t been baptized and you have questions and are curious about being baptized, we would love to talk about it with you!


A special class about communion is offered for all ages and  a take-home resource called “There’s a Place for You” teaches kids the meaning of communion is shared.

Children’s Bible

Families presents their child with a Children’s Bible.  Kids are invited to learn how to use their Bible throughout the year during Sunday School.

Blessing of the Backpacks

At the beginning of the school year, we offer a blessing and prayer during worship for all those beginning a new school year.


After completion of this important Confirmation. Each youth can be confirmed as members of the congregation. Each youth affirms their faith in Christ and the promises God has made to them in Holy Baptism and are prayed over by their pastor, mentors, family, friends, and the community.

Driver’s License

We offer a blessing on each student at the time they receive their driver’s license.


At the end of each school year, each senior is invited to a Graduate Recognition brunch. On the same Sunday, in worship, we offer a prayer of blessing and commissioning as God goes with them into their next adventures in life.

Taking Faith Home

A faith-enriching resource provided in each Sunday bulletin.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Gives examples of each of the Four Key faith practices (caring conversations, devotions, service, and rituals and traditions)
  • Includes a weekly prayer, Bible verse, mealtime prayer, and blessing.
  • Offers suggested daily Bible readings and Hymn for the week