Our Pastor

Meet our Interim Pastor, Steve Awbrey
Growing up in California’s Central Valley, Steve met his spouse Jacque when they shared a “cubby” in their kindergarten class. Celebrating 46 years of wedded bliss, they have been blessed with daughter Robin, son-in-law Grant, and granddaughter Scarlett.
The Awbrey-Smith families have lived in Orange County for thirty years, with Jacque, Robin, and Grant all teaching at Vista Verde in Irvine, and where Scarlett is a second-grader. Steve and Jacque moved to Palm Springs in the middle of the summer last year, so you know that they are elderly and slipping a little.
Tho’ Steve was in the work-a-day world going through college and early marriage, he has been pastoring for three dozen years in Nebraska, San Diego, Irvine and Vista. Along the way, he also worked on Pacifica Synod staff. With interim pastoring experiences in Fresno, Santa Barbara, Fullerton, and San Clemente, Steve is ready and able to help the folks at Community make an important transition from  Pastor Marty’s time to welcoming yet another great pastor and family to come and partner with you in God’s work in Rancho Santa Margarita.
 You are invited to join them on Thursday nights for Palm Springs Villagefest (now that it is autumn), or for a baseball game (especially the Giants), or for wandering around Disneyland with Mickey and friends.
-Pastor Steve Awbrey