Jr high

Our Mission is to be a loving community where students come to know and walk with Christ.

It is our privilege to share God’s love, and together with parents, to build a spiritual foundation that lasts a lifetime.

Our Vision is to be one in Christ through: 

  • Worship
  • Christian friendship
  • Service
  • Growth as disciples 


Confirmation (7th & 8th grade)

We are currently planing for the fall. We will be starting back up in September.


Confirmation:  This ministry provides youth a place to come together to learn and grow in their faith through learning, service, fellowship and relationship building. Youth begin to form stronger and deeper connections and build relationships with one another and mentors.

Service: Throughout the year there will be opportunities to serve our community in various ways, including helping at our local food pantry, mission trips to Baja, trash pick-ups and more focusing on buidling community in Christ.

Confirmation Retreat: More information coming this fall.


Mentoring: Every year youth have the opportunity to meet with adult mentors.. This is a wonderful experience for youth and adults to build connections, share about life, and growth together in faith.

Winter Camp:  Each winter youth get their own weekend to connect with friends from other church youth groups, grow in faith, and experience God at our church camp.

Confirmation Camp:  Each summer youth go to grow in their faith and build lifelong friendships. Camp helps youth experience God in new and significant ways that often have a life-time impact.

Want to know more about any of these ministries? Please contact Josiah at Josiahclcrsm@gmail.com

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