Comments From Visitors

Comments from visitors

“This church feels like an oasis of peace and community in the middle of Covid-19″

“What attracted us to Community Lutheran was the way they live out what they believe through active community service and mission projects.”

“When I visited, I could tell that these people genuinely love and care about one another. Their love for God is real.”

“I loved the worship service including the music and the preaching.”

“We didn’t feel like we were lost in a crowd.”

“The pastor remembered our names on the second visit!”

“The youth pastor took the time to get to know our children and they hit it off right away.”

“Our children were welcome in the worship service. There is even a family friendly area in the worship center unlike any we’ve seen before.”

 “The pastor offered prayer and support during a difficult time in my life.”

 “We were invited to participate as we felt comfortable. We were not pressured and we were not made to feel like outsiders either.”